Decorating Your Deck For The Holidays

Decorated Deck

Decorating your deck for the holidays can be more fun than trimming your Christmas tree. Make decorating your deck a reason to have a winter deck party, and serve hot chocolate, hot toddies, and finger food – perhaps something that requires grilling on the BBQ or by ordering something (pizza) delivered. Either way, it’s a way to expand the holiday cheer by yourself, or with friends and family.

Why Decorate?

Why decorate? Why not? Most decks are located off of the back of our homes, so passersby won’t see your decorations, so why decorate? Decorate for you. Decorate because it’s fun, creative, and a reason to plan a party or two or three. In addition to throwing a small party to decorate, throw another party or dinner to show off your decorations, or just have people over because now you have a beautiful space to relax and entertain.

Remember, after Christmas, you can shuffle, add or completely change your decorations to help ring in the New Year with a New Year’s themed deck. Add a basket of party favors like party horns, sparklers, and hats for guests to use when they enter the deck and you’ll create a very fun and festive experience for all.

Photo of “Dinner on the Deck” from TeenyIdeas.com


If you enjoy decorating for the holidays you’ve probably already invested in bows, wreaths, and ribbons for inside your home. Just expand your special decorating touch to the outdoors. If you have outdoor furniture, swap out your standard cushions with red, white and green ones. Add some pillows, some greenery and ribbons, and some strings of Christmas lights to punch up the color and ambiance. Use waterproof ribbon (found at most big box stores or online) to make sure the dyes don’t run and ruin your furniture or deck.

If you have railings, start by putting up string lights or ribbons along the railings to add color and light. A little bit of ribbon can make a colorful statement! If statements are what you’re about, don’t be afraid to incorporate your personality, some whimsey, or some outright outrageous decorations into your decorations, like this Christmas door with cow skull by the group who brought us the CavenderDiary.com. They do more than decorate doors. Their blog, and their book, DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture & Decor by James Angus, is filled with home and porch/deck decorating ideas.

Photo Courtesy of The CavenderDiary.com

Do you have deck furniture? String some tiny fairy lights or copper wire LED fairy lights, like those from Taglevel.com along the frame. These lights are water resistant, battery operated, come in a variety of colors. Some lights have a special remote control that lets you pick or alternate colors, and best of all – they never get hot and do not pose a fire hazard. The copper wire is soft and flexible, letting you wrap the lights around any object, or “pour” them into glass jars, vine balls, wreaths, or baskets for a special Christmas effect.

Copper wire fairy lights are available at Walmart, ACE Hardware Stores, Target and online for $2.99 to $6.99 depending on the length. They’re battery operated and are water resistant.

Photo Courtesy of TaoTronics.com
Twig and vine ball with Copper wire fairy lights. Photo Courtesy of Etsy.com
Photo Courtesy of MasonCreation at Etsy.com


The items you can combine with copper wire fairly lights are endless. No skills are required, just wrap, drape, hang or place into jars, empty wine bottles, or baskets and you’re done.

Find Decorating Ideas Online

If you were born without a decorating gene, Google “Decorate your deck” or go straight to Pinterest for more decorating ideas and free, how-to instructions, like this one on how to create a Christmas Swag from fynesdesigns.com. YouTube.com also has thousands of how-to-decorate videos along with helpful craft and decorating tips.

Photo Courtesy of FYNESDesigns.com

There are always traditional decorations like lights, trees, and pine boughs, but think about baskets of Christmas ornaments, large candle holders with dried branches and sprigs of bright red berries, or even giant candy canes.

Photo Courtesy of TeenyIdeas.com

You can also buy red and white striped vinyl tablecloths and use them to decorate your table, or cut them into strips and wrap them around your railings. Use them to wrap big, empty, cardboard boxes and pile them up under an outdoor Christmas tree for a “Santa was here” look.

Photo Courtesy of Walmart.com

Cut out big stars or other Christmas images, like ornaments, reindeer, and candy canes, from Coroplast (sheets of plastic typically used to make political or real estate signs). Order the coroplast direct from the company, or visit your local hardware store. Spray paint your images and hang them around your deck. You can use real ornaments if you’re not worried about wind or breakage, or look for oversized plastic ornaments like this 17-inch high Christmas ornament from Kotela.com.

Photo Courtesy of Kotela.com

Decorating your deck can be a great way to create memories, start a family tradition, or ensure you love your outdoor space so much you continue to use it year round. We hope we’ve given you a little bit of inspiration to get you started!