The Best Time of Year to Get a Discount on a Deck

Fall and Winter are the best times of the year to get a discount on building a deck, no matter what part of the country you live in. Why?

The number one reason is the drop-off in demand for services. The busiest time for contractors is generally spring and summer. As the weather gets colder, most people stop thinking about a new deck. They tend to focus on other projects, often interior remodeling. It might seem strange to think about building a deck in the winter, but why? People build houses in the winter, why not build a deck? Contractors are usually actively seeking business in the fall and winter and are more likely to offer discounts to homeowners. But there are other reasons to build in the fall or winter.

Less Waiting

If you wait until spring, chances are you won’t be the first in line to have your deck built. Waiting until spring to build generally means waiting 1-3 months to get your deck built because of the high demand for spring decks. If you build in the fall or winter, those months you might spend waiting on a contractor’s schedule to open could be spent enjoying using your deck rather than watching it being built. Because winter is the “off-season” for most contractors, chances are you won’t have to wait long, if at all, if you decide to build your deck in the fall or winter.

Incentives and Package Deals

Along with a discount for a fall or winter deck, many contractors team up with companies to offer incentives and package deals for homeowners. You may be able to get extras like lighting, stain, deck heaters, outdoor kitchen appliances, fire pits, furniture, tables, and other decorative items included at reduced prices, or free as stores clear out their summer inventory.

Digging is Easier

Part of the cost of any project is related to the time, effort and resources needed to complete it. That includes ground preparation for your deck. Only the first few inches to a foot of the ground freezes during the winter. Once you’re past that frozen dirt the rest of the soil comes up easily. It’s just as easy to dig up as it would be during the spring, only without all the mud. The best part about building during cold weather is that the lower temperatures harden the earth enough to create a solid foundation for your new backyard deck. That’s less time for contractors, so a lower bill for you.

Another advantage of digging up your yard for foundations is there’s less destruction to your landscaping, and fewer repairs needed to bring it back to the way it looked before the deck was installed. Fall and winter are the perfect months to have your deck installed because you can spend the winter planning for any spring landscaping you’ll want to do.

Best Temperatures for Building and Staining

Ground temperatures aren’t the only good things about fall and winter building. The humidity is also lower in the fall and winter. Humidity is a bad thing when it comes to construction. When the humidity increases, wood absorbs the moisture in the air and swells. Since there is low humidity in the winter, the pressure-treated timber your builder is using to build your deck will dry more evenly than if your deck had been built in the spring or summer.

Even if you choose vinyl decking or composite decking, the foundation of your deck will still be made from pressure-treated wood. Pressure treated wood contains moisture, which makes it vulnerable to high humidity, which means more swelling. Swelling makes it harder to get the most accurate spacing between boards. Plus building with wood with a high moisture content can lead to checking, warping and checking in your deck boards.

Low humidity also means it’s easier to stain your wood because it’s “thirstier” and more accepting of stains and sealers in the fall and winter. Your contractor can often stain or seal the deck as soon as it’s built because it’s dry. There’s no outwaiting or outguessing spring rains. Admittedly snow can be an issue, but it’s less of a problem than rain.

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Deck

Perhaps the best reason to build your deck in the fall or winter is knowing that you’ll have more time to enjoy your deck the following year. Not only will you get to use it during the holidays, (Think Hot Tub!) but when spring and summer roll around and your neighbors are waiting on their deck build, you’ll be enjoying your deck.

Whatever time of year you decide is best for you and your household is the right time of year. However, for homeowners who want to save money and time, and cut down on the mess and mud of a spring or summertime build, we highly recommend building in the fall or spring. Ask us about fall and winter deck building, incentives, and packages you may be eligible for.